Thursday, February 8, 2018

Stanhopea gibbosa

Stanhopea gibbosa 1
Stanhopea gibbosa 2
Stanhopea gibbosa 3
Stanhopea gibbosa 4
Stanhopea gibbosa 5
My stanhopea gibbosa finished it’s seasonal flowering not long ago and it’s a delight to see this beauty in bloom.

It’s one of the oldest stanhopea species, first described in Gardener’s Chronicle in 1869 by Reichenbach from plant collector Veitch from Chelsea who imported many plants and orchids into Europe at that time. Stanhopea gibbosa is a beautiful stanhopea , very distinct in it’s colouring and deserves it’s place in any stanhopea collection.

The flowers are of creamy colour with many purple dots all over the blooms and it have darker colour eyes, the scent is very strong herbal/spicy and stays around for a long time, there is no sweetness to the scent - just sharp, bold, strong combination of many spices and herbs, complicating and overpowering.

The plant is of medium size yet the flowers are large and full. Because of our hot and humid weather I had to take pictures of gibbosa very early in the morning, just as the flowers started opening up.

The cultivation of this stanhopea can be a bit tricky, because it have it’s own requirements - it’s native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and can be found mostly in very wet forests, often close or straight above open water and require copious amount of moisture during it’s growing season.

I am delighted to see this beautiful stanhopea in bloom and as usual marvel at the Nature creating this special orchid.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Flowering stanhopea’s this week

So many flowers, so little time to enjoy them all...

Stanhopea Hidden Agenda 1
Stanhopea tigrina1
Stanhopea tigrina 2

Stanhopea tigrina Glory of Mexico 1
Stanhopea tigrina Glory of Mexico 2 

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Stanhopea posada - new

Stanhopea posada 1
Stanhopea posada 2
Stanhopea posada 3
Stanhopea posada 4
Quite a number of years ago I’ve acquired few very small stanhopea seedlings labelled as “stanhopea posada - new species from Colombia” . Not much details were given and to this day I have no idea if this actually a new specie or natural hybrid. There is no stanhopea specie registered under this name, so I still don’t know any information about this plant, only that it came from Colombia. The plants were happily growing and maturing and finally this season decided to flower. 

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New stanhopea flowering season started.

Here we are right in the middle of new stanhopea flowering season now. Many of my orchids have flower spikes bringing anticipation of seeing beautiful and majestic flowers soon. Every flowering season is different and brings a lot of surprises - colours, scents, textures. Some of the early flowering stanhopea’s already in bloom and it’s so nice seeing them again in all their glory. 

Here are the plants that flowered first this season - 

Stanhopea Mem Paul Allen1

Stanhopea Mem Paul Allen 2
Stanhopea Great Expectations 1

Stanhopea Great Expectations 2
Syanhopea Bellarensis x Inodora 1

Stanhopea Bellarensis x Inodora 2

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Stanhopea orchids in the wild

Many stanhopea growers and collectors love to see images of stanhopea orchids growing in the wild.

Unfortunately, not many of these pictures available for obvious reasons - the flowering season is short and a chance to encounter flowering stanhopea in the wild is still just that - a chance.

Also, it seems rather difficult to find large specimens of stanhopeas in nature that we in the cultivated situations are familiar with - insects, animals, bad weather and other elements in stanhopeas habitats contribute to this. Here just a few images that I was able to find of flowering stanhopeas in their natural surroundings.

 Thank you to Eduard Faria, Philip Davison, Luc Rubrecht and all others who was able to share these stunning images with all friends of stanhopea orchids around the world.
Stanhopea wardii
Stanhopea panamensis
Stanhopea cirrhata
Stanhopea insignis
Stanhopea hernandezii

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Stanhopea orchids end of season flowering

Our stanhopea’s flowering  season nearly over and here pictures of some of my late flowering blooming plants.
I still have a few stanhopea’s in spike, but mostly our stanhopea blooming time is finished. Our weather is very mild at the moment and most of my plants still actively growing developing new leaves and bulbs, getting ready for the next year spectacular flowering.

Stanhopea inodora x wardii aurea 
Stanhopea inodora
Stanhopea insignis

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Stanhopea tricornis orchid

This beautiful and rare stanhopea orchid just finished it’s flowering season with me and it’s stanhopea tricornis - rare and unusual form. It’s one of the oldest documented species - the first description of it appeared in 1849 by Lindley from the plant discovered in Peru by famous orchid collector Joseph Warscewicz who worked for Skinner in England at that time.

There appears to be a few color variations of this specie and I’ve seen pristine white blooms of stanhopea tricornis as well as creamy color and some like mine with yellow markings on the end of the petals. It’s native to the Western slopes of the Andes in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia in very warm and very humid forests which probably gives a clue to it’s successful flowering.

The plant itself is of medium size with slender leaves and elongated bulbs and the scent is very forceful strong with many herbal tones. With me in our climate it seems to flower every other season, showing off it’s unusual and rare flowers and a glimpse of this beauty created by Nature.
Stanhopea tricornis

Monday, March 13, 2017

Stanhopea oculata x jenischiana

Stanhopea oculata x jenischiana1
Stanhopea oculata x jenischiana 2
Stanhopea oculata x jenischiana 3
Here is an introduction to a beautiful new stanhopea cross of oculata x  jenischiana. It have very colorful blooms of deep rich yellow with many many dark burgundy colored spots all over the flowers.

I’ve had this stanhopea’s seedling for a while, patiently waiting for it to mature and to finally show it’s beauty - because of an outstanding parentage it promised to be a spectacular cross, but of course one does know until it flowers and this one did not disappoint.

The plant is of medium size, yet the flowers are large and showy, it sends out a number of flower spikes during it’s growing season and the blooms have very sweet, fruity scent that resembles cherry/ black currants/apricots - an absolute delight!
Another beautiful stanhopea orchid for my ever growing collection.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

This week stanhopea orchids flowers

So many beautiful blooms, scents, textures - my flowering season continues.

Stanhopea grandiflora x connata
Stanhopea tigrina var nigroviolacea
Stanhopea Inodora x Wardii Aurea
Stanhopea graveolens var aurata
Stanhopea saccata "Rene"
Stanhopea Tigrina x Assidensis

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Stanhopea oculata var ruckeri

Stanhopea oculata var ruckeri1 
 Stanhopea oculata var ruckeri2
Stanhopea oculata var ruckeri3
This special and very rare stanhopea oculata var ruckeri finished it’s flowering season - it’s a beautiful oculata variety with many interesting features.
 It’s a medium size plant with smallish size flowers and nice coloring, distinct eyes and many purple dots all over the blooms. The flowers themselves look like little birds of prey. The scent is very  herbal/spicy strong and penetrating. Another beautiful stanhopea variety that not often seen in cultivation for my collection.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stanhopea orchids flowering season continues

More flowers, more scents, more beauty!

Stanhopea oculata var pallida
Stanhopea wardii aurea
Stanhopea Wetley Secret
Stanhopea tigrina var albescence
stanhopea x fowlieana